On Christmas, Gaza, and being a professional silly goose

Do you think art can be healing?

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Merry Crabmus if you celebrate! 🎄🦀 Or do you prefer Crimbus? Either way, I hope this newsletter installment finds you elbows deep in Christmas stuffing by now.

I’m in a festive mood, probably because I spent the last two weeks taking care of my covid sick mom and caught it myself. I’ve only just recovered in time for the holidays, and the first thing on my to-do list was to try a new collage idea.

As I was sick and forcing down Mucinex, I had an idea to make a three dimensional collage. I bought the materials, painted my collage, and assembled everything until it was photograph ready.

Painting crabs is messy business

This would be the part of the newsletter where I should these great photos to you, except I downloaded the photos to edit them and promptly closed out of Pixelmator.

I’ve decided that in the new year, when at the fork in the road between working hard or hardly working, I’m going to take the path most traveled. The one beaten down so thoroughly that the grass doesn’t grow anymore.

This path also looks like realizing how bad the photos you took are, knowing how much time it would take to edit them nicely, and giving the escape button a tap.

We're working smarter in the new year, not harder! 🧠

Jokes aside, as bad of a rap as it gets sometimes, I believe quitting is healthy. You quit things that don’t serve you anymore or that you don’t enjoy. You can also quit when you’re grieving and don’t have the mental capacity for anything else, or if the state of the world is getting you down.

I also believe that art can be healing. Art can be meditative and help us process difficult things. Making crab puns feels silly when people in Gaza and the Congo are fighting for their rights, but I also think there’s something special about being an artist in times like these. I can make art that makes people laugh in the midst of immeasurable chaos and grief.

That’s what I hope for my art anyway, and what I hope for you today. I hope you eat and laugh a lot and remember how good it feels to quit things, to be creative, and be a real silly goose while you do.

Until next time!


Music by Geoff Harvey

Jade Johnson