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A quick process video for ya!

Did I mention collage is fun?

Do you remember FRUiTs Magazine-? I found their archive on Instagram recently and after scrolling through a few posts, I was immediately obsessed with these chunky shoes.

From high school through college, I was really into FRUiTs Magazine! I would collect their books and spend hours flipping through them. I’m not a fashion forward person but how people dress themselves is endlessly inspiring to me.

My initial sketch and the collage in progress

After setting this collage aside for a few weeks, when I got too busy with work, I made a process video out of some short clips. I mostly want you to listen to the song, it makes me feel like I’m in a Miyazaki movie, but you can also see the decision making that goes into dressing a character.

I record myself when I work sometimes, to look back on what I’ve made and how I did it, so if you like this video, let me know and I’ll make another one! If I can find more cute music. 😝



Music by Geoff Harvey Music

From the Desk of Jade Johnson
From the Desk of Jade Johnson
Jade Johnson